About Miller & Company Reporters

Miller & Company Reporters is a full-service deposition reporting agency. We have widely varied specialty areas. Our preference is to report challenging, interesting, and/or complex matters. We report all types of litigation, including medical and legal malpractice, aviation, business, products liability, accident reconstruction, first-party sworn statements, and personal injury. Examples of our work include:

  • An international Chamber of Commerce matter, involving difficult technical and medical terminology, before a three-member panel pharmaceutical arbitration for four weeks with Internet realtime hookup.
  • Various securities litigation arbitrations involving multiday, realtime transcripts.
  • A three-year, nationwide multidistrict class action suit, for which we managed and coordinated the depositions throughout the United States and Canada. The case involved multiple daily witnesses with realtime hookups and weekly turnaround final transcripts.
  • A high-profile bankruptcy litigation with daily realtime hookups and rough drafts as well as expedited final transcripts.

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